An Avid Explorer Sharing Real Travel Experiences

Hey there, travel aficionados! I’m Rehana and my journey is all about real travel experiences that resonate with the heart.

With 20+ years of travel under my lens, visiting 17 countries and 33 cities, I’ve discovered that travel is more than just luxury hotels and fancy flights. It’s about those moments that make you feel alive—the laughter, the awe-inspiring sights, and the connection with diverse cultures.

You’ll rarely find pics of me in front of the camera because truth be told, I’m always the one behind the lens. My passion lies in capturing the world’s beauty—whether it’s the mesmerizing sunrises or those thrilling moments when my trusty camera takes flight with the occasional drone adventure.

Florence at sunrise captured with drone by Rehana
Florence at Sunrise (captured with my drone)
bonvoy platinum elite
Chocolate Hotel Bell cart

I also navigate the world with halal dietary restrictions, and I’m excited to share my culinary discoveries and tips with fellow travelers with similar preferences.

Let’s embark on this journey together, where I’ll be your fellow explorer, not just a guide. I’m here to inspire your wanderlust and offer practical insights to enhance your travel experiences.

Welcome to my travel community, where the focus is on genuine adventures, connections, and a shared love for exploring the world. Let’s make memories together.

Be Inspired to Travel

Insider Secrets and Tips – I’ll share my insights that can make all the difference in your travels. From negotiating prices in bustling bazaars, and choosing the perfect accommodation, to knowing when to visit a place for the ultimate experience – I’ll be your travel encyclopedia.