Recreating the Luxurious Marriott Scent at Home

Ever since I can remember, one of my favorite things about hotels is the way the lobbies smell. They create an inviting atmosphere, evoking feelings of relaxation, rejuvenation, and inspiration.

The Westin White Tea fragrance has been at the top of my list but I have recently been drawn to the Marriott Scent. This subtle fragrance created a luxurious feel and left a lasting impression.

Since I love good fragrances so much, I am always searching for how to bring the scent into my home.

Firstly note, that the Marriott Hotel Scent and the JW Marriott Hotel scents are different.

In this article, I’ll look specifically into the world of the Marriott hotel scent, explore its captivating characteristics, and share how you can bring this touch of luxury into your own living space.

Marriott Palm Jumeirah with signature marriott scent infused in public spaces

The Allure of the Marriott Scent

Smell is one of the most powerful senses that has the effect to alter one’s mood and state.

When you step into a Marriott hotel, you will experience a warm and inviting feeling through its signature scent.

This is part of the hotel’s commitment to providing an unforgettable guest experience.

What is the Signature Marriott Scent?

The Marriott signature scent is Attune.

It is a complex blend that combines top notes of cassis, sparkling Fuji apple, grapefruit, cyclamen, and subtle notes of lily of the valley, mountain sage, white cedar, pale musk, and floral notes.

Marriott scent inspired fragrances also contain notes of red currant.

This combination results in a scent that’s refreshing and soothing. It creates an ambiance synonymous with indulgence.

Unveiling the Secret: How to bring the Marriott Scent into your home.

Recreating the enchanting Marriott scent in your home is easier than you might think.

You have various options to choose from, each offering a unique way to infuse your living space with the same elegance you’d find at a Marriott hotel.

Marriott diffuser

Scent diffusers are a quick and easy way to bring the smell into a space. If you have a small to medium space, then this is ideal.

  • Scent Diffusers
    Scent diffusers are a quick and easy way to bring the smell into a space. If you have a small to medium space, then this is ideal.

Scented candles are a great option to experience your favorite scent. However, they are more subtle and the scent is only experienced while the candle is lit and for short periods after. If you want to have your fragrance selected at a time, this is a good option.

  • Linen and Room Sprays
    Linen and room sprays are an effective way to get the fragrance onto sheets, curtains, and carpets. This will last for a few hours depending on your space and setup.

Elevating Your Home with the Marriott Experience

Recreating the Marriott scent at home is more than just mimicking the scent.

It’s about adding an extra special touch to your daily life.

Creating a Relaxing Atmosphere with Scent: Why It Matters:

Hygge is a Danish concept that includes practices to bring about coziness, a sense of well-being, and contentment. I incorporate this by introducing calm and soothing fragrances into my house.

Scents are closely related to memories. By choosing the scent of your favorite hotel, you can be transported to happy and relaxing times that you spent at the hotel.

You can make your home a place of extra comfort just by adding that little touch.

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How Do Leading Hotels Achieve Their Enchanting Scents?

This is not an easy task because different climates and factors play an important part in creating appropriate fragrances.

For example, hotels that experience tropical and warm climates need more subtle fragrances.

The hotel must find a special blend that can be used throughout all of its properties worldwide.

Therefore a lot of research goes into creating curated fragrances that embody their brand and values. Different properties need to be visited for testing.

Once they find their signature scent, they use various methods to infuse it throughout the hotel. This is done through HVAC diffusers, central air conditioning vents, candles, and sprays.

I hope this gave you a peek into the captivating world of the Marriott scent. You can now use these tips and tricks to infuse your home with your special scent.

By following my guide and incorporating the scents that resonate with you, you’ll create an environment that mirrors the elegance and relaxation found at Marriott hotels.

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