Qatar Upgrade to Business Class (How to with points and miles:2023)

Flying can be exhausting.

Imagine if you were able to lie flat, enjoy a gourmet meal, refresh with amenities and arrive at your destination relaxed and ready to start your adventure.

This would be the ultimate way to fly, but the cost of a business class is almost double the economy.

Luckily there are several options for a Qatar upgrade to business class.

Here’s what you need to know if you want a Qatar upgrade to business class.

Qatar Airways offers a few different ways to upgrade to business class.

Can I upgrade to Business Class on Qatar?

Check your ticket class to see if you are eligible.

Most tickets are eligible for an upgrade, but bookings made on promotional fares (Class W, P, and G are not eligible for upgrades).

How do I get an upgrade on Qatar Airways?

You upgrade your economy ticket on Qatar Airways to a business class Ticket in one of the following ways:

  • Using Miles (Qmiles, Avios, AAmiles or Alaska miles)
  • Using Qcredits
  • Cash upgrade (Before departure or at the airport)

Miles Upgrade (Qmiles or Avios)

Using miles is one of the most preferred ways to upgrade to Business Class.

Avios (Qatar Airways Privilege Club and British Airways Executive Club)

Qatar Airways has a loyalty program called Privilege Club that allows passengers to earn and redeem points for flights, upgrades, and other rewards.

In 2022, Privilege Club adopted Avios as its rewards currency. Avios has been the rewards currency of British Airways for a long time.

You can use Avios accumulated through the Qatar Airways loyalty program or Avios which are accumulated through BA’s executive program, to upgrade your ticket.

How do I accumulate miles for an upgrade?

Avios may be accumulated as a benefit through Qatar Airways and British Airways’ respective loyalty programs.

You can earn Avios by flying with Qatar Airways, British Airways, or any of their partner airlines.

You can also earn Avios through hotels, credit cards, and other partners.

By linking your accounts, you can easily transfer miles back and forth at a 1:1 rate.


Qcredits are an exclusive reward benefit that is awarded to Gold and Platinum members.

When members reach Gold and Platinum tiers, they receive between 40 and 60 Qcredits which may be used in various ways including an upgrade to the next cabin class.

Qcredits are valid for 24 months.

Cash Upgrade

You can pay for an upgrade to Business Class in the following ways:

Be sure to have your booking reference on hand when attempting any of the above.

People also ask:

Can you get upgraded for free on Qatar Airways?

A free upgrade is possible but not common.

The airline will always opt to first sell business class tickets, after that they will allow upgrades with cash, miles, and points.

If a flight is “overbooked in economy”, Qatar Airways Privilege Club members will most likely be first in line for a business class upgrade. This will be in the order of the highest tier members.

Is it cheaper to upgrade to business class at the airport in Qatar?

Cash upgrades at the airport may be more expensive than the cost of having booked a business-class ticket in the first place as the upgrades are priced per sector.

Ultimately this will depend on the demand and availability (peak or off-season) and how full the flight is.

What do you get in Qatar business class?

Qatar Airways Business Class is one of the best premium cabin offerings in the sky.

Complete with flatbed seats, gourmet cuisine, Diptyque amenity kits, and comfy PJs from the White Company, you will be treated to the ultimate luxury experience in the sky.

How much does the Qatar business class cost?

Business class usually runs more than double an economy class ticket as it is aimed at business and corporate travelers who can pay for this.

However, Qatar Airways has offered many favorable promotional Business Class fares which are cheaper than competitor airlines.

Does Qatar business class have flat beds?


Does Qatar have a premium economy cabin?

No, they currently have economy, business ad first-class cabins.

Is it worth upgrading to Qatar business class?

Yes, Qatar Airways has been voted one of the best premium cabins in the sky.

I recently flew the Qsuites and the cabin experience was spectacular. The Qsuites delivers so much, it is hard to imagine the Qatar’s first-class cabin being that much better.

The Qsuites provide an exceptional Business Class experience.

Qsuites are only available on specific routes which are always subject to change. If you want to experience an upgrade on the Qsuites specifically, you shuold check your aircraft layout before upgrading and confirm that it is the Qsuites.

How can I get Qatar upgrade offer?

You can sign up to receive an upgrade offer via email.

If you are planning on flying with Qatar Airways, start looking at your options for an upgrade to business class.

The most obvious and feasible way is with points, so if you have some points and miles, this would be an excellent way to use them.

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