The 15 Best Beaches Near Milan Italy to visit in 2024

Milan, known for its high-end fashion and architecture, is not typically thought of as a beach destination but with over 100km of coastline, there are plenty of beautiful beaches near Milan to enjoy the sun and sand for a day trip from the city.

In this post, I look at the 15 best beaches near Milan.

These stunning beaches offer everything from crystal clear waters and soft beaches to charming villages and tasty restaurants.

Does Milan have a beach?

No, Milan is not located on the coast and there are no beaches “in” Milan. You have to travel for at least a few hours, but it’s worth planning a day trip to visit one of these Italian beaches.

Some of the most beautiful beaches in all of Italy are located near Milan.

How far is Milan from a beach?

If you don’t want to travel far from Milan, there are nice lakes and some beaches within two hours of the city.

These beaches are mostly pebble beaches, not sandy beaches, as they result from alpine lakes, but during summer (May-August and partly September) these are very beautiful places to visit.

Here are our top picks on the closest beaches to visit from Milan

1.Idroscalo (Best For Recreational And Water Activities)

Beautiful winter landscape in Idroscalo, Milan

Idroscalo is an artificial lake with beaches close to Linate airport. It has become a recreation and sporting facility offering various water activities.

Getting there from Milan:

  • Fastest – Car (41 m)

2. Lake Como (Best By Distance From Milan)

Lake Como

Lake Como is the 3rd largest Italian Lake. It is positioned at the foot of the magnificent Alps and offers a unique picturesque setting.

The enchanting Italian town is found on the western coast of Italy and is known for its beautiful scuba diving beaches. As it is one of the deepest lakes in Europe, it provides an ideal opportunity for scuba diving.

Visitors to Lake Como can enjoy its scenic beaches and beautiful scuba diving beaches.

Getting there from Milan:

  • Fastest – Train (+/-40m depending on which station you are getting off at)
  • Alternative – Car (1h 39m)

3.Lake Maggiore (Best for Beautiful Scenery)

Lake Maggiore

Lake Maggiore is the 2nd largest lake in Italy. Located on the border of Switzerland, this beautiful lake is known for its stunning scenery.

The lake is dotted with beautiful islands, including Brissago and the Borromean Islands.

Visitors can enjoy the stunning beaches, hiking, and biking.

Getting there from Milan:

  • Fastest – Train (1h 30m)
  • Alternative – Car (1h 51m)

What are the best beaches near Milan?

If you want to experience some of the most beautiful beaches in Italy, you should venture around Genova, in the region of Liguria. The area is approximately 200km from Milan, and here you will find magnificent beaches.

Some of the best beaches near Milan are:

4. Monterosso al Mare (Best For Families)

Monterosso al Mare

Monterosso al Mare is one of the villages of Cinque Terre in the province of La Spezia. Cinque Terre is a coastal area comprising 5 villages and surrounding hillsides. These form part of the Cinque Terra National Park which is a UNESCO world heritage site.

The villages are renowned for their dramatic coastline, picturesque villages, and crystal-clear water.

If you’re traveling with young children, Monterosso al Mare is the perfect beach destination. This charming village has a beautiful sandy beach, a playground, and plenty of restaurants and cafes.

The village is situated on a promontory of rock formations and is flanked by two sandy beaches.

It is the most tourist-friendly, with a wide range of hotels, restaurants, sandy beaches, hiking trails, and stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea.

Getting there from Milan :

  • Fastest – Drive by car (2h 51m)
  • Alternative – Train (2h 41m) (Recommended)

5. Portofino (Best For Luxury)

Portofino, Genoa

Portofino is a famous Italian fishing village and holiday destination south of Genoa.

If you’re looking for a luxurious beach destination, look no further than Portofino. This chic resort town is found on a beautiful peninsula in the Ligurian Sea. Portofino is renowned for its luxury hotels, high-end boutiques, and fine restaurants.

The town’s beautiful harbor is lined with yachts and dotted with brightly-colored houses.

Visitors to Portofino can enjoy its beautiful beaches, luxury hotels, and stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea.

Getting there from Milan:

  • Fastest – Drive by car (2h)
  • Alternative – Train (2h 38m)

6. Santa Margherita Ligure (Best for Atmosphere)

Santa Margherita Ligure, Genoa

This a small and charming resort is east of Genoa. This beautiful resort town is located on the Italian Riviera and is known for its restaurants, ice cream shops, and vibrant setting.

Santa Margherita offers extensive areas of the beach as well as a bustling promenade and shopping streets. It is a beach with a lively atmosphere.

Getting there from Milan:

  • Fastest – Car (2h 12m)
  • Alternative – Train (1h 55m) (Recommended)

7.Sestri Levante (Best for Relaxation)

Bay of Silence, Sestri Levante, Liguria, Italy

Sestri Levante is a little town in the City of Genoa, Liguria which lies along the Mediterranean Sea.

The once-fishing village has developed into a tourist hotspot. This popular place is located on the Italian Riviera and is known for its tranquil atmosphere and characteristic buildings.

Visitors to Sestri Levante can enjoy its beautiful beaches and relaxed atmosphere. Its positioning will also enable you to explore the entire Riviera.

Getting there from Milan:

  • Fastest – Car (2h 5m)
  • Alternative – Train (2h 26m) (Recommended)

8. Porto Venere (Best For Hiking)

Porto Venere, Liguria

Porto Venere is a village on the Ligurian coast. This beautiful village is located on the western coast of Italy and is known for its beautiful hiking trails.

Porto Venere Regional Park encompasses beaches, trails, and sea caves that offer dramatic sunset views.

Visitors to Porto Venere can retreat to the caves to experience sunset views. They can also explore some of the best hiking trails.

Getting there from Milan:

  • Fastest – Car (3h)
  • Alternative – Train (4h 15m)

9. Alassio (Best For Shallow Water Swimming)

Alassio, Savona, Liguria

Alassio is about 80km from the French border. This resort is one of the most popular in Western Liguria and has one of the longest stretches of sandy beaches (over 4km).

The beach is not very deep and is ideal for beginner swimmers.

There is a lively town and there are many monuments of interest.

If you’re looking for a beach destination with kitesurfing opportunities, Alassio is known for its beautiful kitesurfing beaches.

Visitors to Alassio can enjoy its long stretch beaches and kitesurfing.

Getting there from Milan:

  • Fastest – Car (2h 55m)
  • Alternative – Train (3h 3m)

10.Spiaggia di Bergeggi (Best For Seniors)

Spiaggia di Bergeggi

Spiaggia di Bergeggi is in the Savona region. Beaches are quieter and have crystal blue water with a fine brown pebble. The high elevation provides beautiful views.

This beautiful town is located on the western coast of Italy and is known for its windsurfing beaches.

It is partially crowded during peak access but generally, visitors to Bergeggi can expect quieter beaches and windsurfing activities.

Getting there from Milan:

  • Fastest – Car (2h 51m)
  • Alternative – Train (3h 3m)

11. Sanremo (Best For Fishing)


Sanremo is a city on the Mediterranean shore of Liguria. This beautiful village is located on the western coast of Italy and is known for its beautiful fishing beaches. Fishing is still a major part of this little village and it offers many opportunities from fish-specialised eateries to catching your own fish.

If you’re looking for a beach with fishing opportunities, Sanremo is an ideal option.

Visitors to Sanremo can enjoy its charming beaches and enjoy delicious seafood.

Getting there from Milan:

  • Fastest – Car (2h 40m)
  • Alternative – Train (3h 34m)

12. Finale Ligure (Best For Cleanliness)

Finale Ligure, Genoa

Finale Ligure is on the Gulf of Genoa. There are many beaches between cliffs and headlands which tend to be smaller pebbled beaches. The beaches are quieter than some of the others in the region.

The seas are clean with clear blue waters and have been recognized as one of the cleanest seas.

In addition to spacious and quiet beaches, you can also find great private beaches and many restaurants.

Visitors can look forward to calm and clean beaches with amazing views.

Getting there from Milan:

  • Fastest – Car (1h 59m)
  • Alternative – Train (2h 36m)

13. Lerici (Best For Sailing)


Lerici is part of the Italian Riveria and is connected to Cinque Terre by ferry. It is a village in La Spezia.

The town is dominated by Lerici castle which offers dramatic views of the Gulf.

Visitors to Lerici can enjoy sailing along the beautiful beaches and the scenic backdrop.

Getting there from Milan:

  • Fastest – Drive (2h 24m)
  • Alternative – Train (3h 53m)

14. Boccadasse (Best For Swimming)


Boccadasse is a beautiful fishing village in the City of Genoa. The village with pastel-colored houses and cobblestone beaches has been preserved from its ancient origins, making it a very popular tourist destination.

Adjacent to the bay are restaurants, ice cream shops, and bakeries. The place is a good option to enjoy a relaxed day.

If you visit Boccadasse you can enjoy its swimming beaches and scenery.

Getting there from Milan:

  • Fastest – Drive (1h 44m)
  • Alternative – Train (2h)

15. Noli (Best For Authentic Italian Village Experience)

The maritime village of Noli on the Italian riviera in Liguria

Noli is a coastal municipality in Liguria in the province of Savona. Noli has been termed one of the most beautiful villages.

Along with its beaches and castle, medieval towers adorn the hill backdrop.

There are many arches and medieval buildings to explore giving the feel of being in an authentic Italian village.

The promenade also features many restaurants and shops. Visitors to Noli can enjoy the sea, and cuisine and wander the village to experience an Italian village.

Getting there from Milan:

  • Fastest – Drive (1h 56m)
  • Alternative – Train (3h 57m)


Which side of Italy has the best beaches?

Sardinia is regarded by many to have the best beaches in Italy. The water is incredible in shades of turquoise and blue and the sand is soft and golden.

Where is the pink sand beach in Italy?

The pink sand beach is in Sardinia on the Island of Budelli.

Is it illegal to take sand from a beach in Italy?

Sardinia’s beaches are protected by a law that prohibits anyone from taking sand from the beach. You can face hefty fines for doing so.

If you’re looking for a great beach getaway that’s not too far from Milan, here are 15 beaches near Milano that you’ll love.

From secluded coves to bustling seaside towns, there are many beautiful Italian beaches to explore. We hope you will be able to experience one of them on your next trip to Milan.

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