Best and Worst Time To Visit New York City in 2024 (From an Experienced NYC Traveler)

Best and Worst Time to Visit New York
New York Skyline

New York City is known as the city that does not sleep. The city exuberates energy, excitement, and a unique feeling. The iconic landmarks and skyscrapers create an awe-inspiring backdrop.

I always leave the city feeling inspired and that is why is one of my favorite places to visit.

The city of dreams is on the list of many aspiring travelers, but when is the best time to visit New York City?

I visited New York City in January, April, May, June, July, August, November, and December, so I have a good idea of the best and worst time to visit New York.

In my post below, I will share my insights and tips find the ideal time to visit New York.

Worst Time to Visit New York City

As the saying goes, New York is always a good idea.

While the city has something to offer all year round, some times might present some challenges. I discuss these further.

Extreme Weather Conditions

New York is a walking city and most things are not accessible without accessing the outdoors. So the temperature should be considered when planning a trip.

The hot and humid summer months (June to August) can be uncomfortable temperatures reach 80+ degrees Fahrenheit.

The cold, rainy, and snowy temperatures from December to February can make it difficult to visit outdoor attractions.

New York does experience very hot and humid summers and very cold winters.

Peak Tourist Season in New York City

Even though the summer and winter months may have some uncomfortable weather days to deal with, this does not stop tourists from visiting NYC.

New York is a destination that is busy all year round.

Summers and the festive period around Christmas and New Year often see a significant surge in tourists, resulting in crowded attractions and high prices for flights and accommodations.

During the Summer the Fourth of July fireworks brings in a lot of people.

The summer season also coincides with school holidays, and this also adds to the influx of visitors.

The holiday season (December – January) transforms the city into a spectacular site and this also brings in a lot of visitors who want to experience the charm of the holiday season.

Saks 5th Avenue Holiday Lights
Saks 5th Avenue Hoiliday Light Show

Best Time to Visit New York City

For all its challenges, New York has its fair share of perfect moments. The city truly shines during its transitional seasons.


During spring (April to June) and fall (September to November) you will find the best weather. Temperatures are very comfortable.

Central Park, in particular, is a sight to see during these times. In the spring, the park explodes with blooming flowers, while in the fall, you can see the fall foliage which is quite a site.

Autumn in Central Park, New York

Visiting NYC in the Off Season

Late January to early March is less busy, making it an excellent time to avoid the crowds.

Typically many people do not travel at the beginning of the year. Towards March temperatures are also warmer and the days are longer.

Although New York is never cheap, prices may be lower during this time than in the peak season.

Seasonal and Annual Events

From ball drop in Times Square on New Year’s Eve to Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, the city hosts many exciting events throughout the year.

Check the calendar before planning a trip, if there is a big event during that planned time, you can expect higher prices and popular attractions may be busier too.

The holiday season starts mid-November and extends to January. It brings the city to life with holiday lights, ice-skating rinks, holiday markets, and the legendary Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center.

Rockerfeller Christmas Tree
Rockerfeller Christmas Tree

One of the best times to visit New York is during the holiday season. I enjoyed New York City so much during that time, that I braved the cold and went back during Winter.

Insider tip: To catch the holiday spirit but skip the crowds, plan for the end of November/early December (after Thanksgiving). The Rockefeller Tree and Macy’s light shows are usually ready at this time.

Month-by-Month Breakdown

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it a good time to visit New York in November?

Yes, it is a great time. The holiday decorations start going up and the atmosphere is amazing.

Is July a good time to visit New York?

July is one of the hottest months and prices tend to be high around the 4th of July weekend. However, I found July to be a good time to visit New York.

Is Christmas a good time to visit New York?

Christmas is a really busy time in New York. Prices and crowds will be high. If you want the festive feeling but want to avoid the crowds, try November instead.

What month is the cheapest to go to New York?

February, unless there is a special event taking place.

When is the best time to see snow in New York?

If you’re looking to experience New York in the snow, aim for the end of December through February. Central Park offers a particularly enchanting winter landscape.

You are more likely to get snow in January, but I was lucky to get some in mid-December.

Snow in Central Park
Snow In Central Park (Mid December)

When is the best time to shop in New York?

The best sales typically occur after Christmas week and during July.

What is the best time to experience Christmas in New York?

New York City starts dressing up for the holidays in late November, but the festive spirit peaks in December.

Insider tip: Make sure to visit the iconic Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center and enjoy the Saks 5th Avenue light show.

What is the best month to visit Central Park?

Central Park is beautiful year-round, but it’s especially stunning during spring (April to June) when flowers are in full bloom and fall (September to November) when the leaves change color.

Central Park is truly magical when it snows.

When can I find the best deals on accommodations in New York?

The best deals on accommodations are typically found in January and February, immediately after the holiday season when tourist traffic decreases.

Is New York City crowded during summer?

Yes, the city tends to be quite crowded during the summer months (June through August) as it coincides with the school holidays and is a popular time for family vacations.

This is also when the city hosts various outdoor concerts and food festivals.

What is the Busiest Month to Visit New York?

December is the busiest month in New York. The time between Christmas and New Year would be the busiest.

What is the most expensive time to visit New York City?

December and the first week of January are holiday time and high season and the most expensive time to visit New York.

Is it worth going to New York in February?

Yes, during February, the crowds will have eased off.

Mid-January to mid-February is one of the least traveled periods worldwide. It may be one of the “cheapest times” to travel as well.

Is it worth visiting New York in January?

Yes, From mid-January, there are fewer tourists and you may still be able to catch some of the holiday lights. There are also sales for those looking for a shopping experience.

However, January is the coldest month of the year in New York so dress appropriately to contend with the cold weather.

Is it better to visit NYC on a weekday or weekend?

Flights are most expensive on weekends and this shows that most people are traveling then. If you have the option, then weekdays are better.

Things to consider when planning a trip to New York City:

  • Weather
  • Seasonal Events
  • Peak/Off-peak tourist season
  • Prices


Despite having discussed the best and worst time to visit New York, it is a charming city to visit all year round.

Planning will allow you to experience the city’s attractions with ease, get the best of the weather, get the best hotel rates, and avoid crowds.

However, don’t let any of the above deter you from visiting NYC. Whichever time you decide to go, you are likely to have a great trip.

I hope this has been helpful. Have an enjoyable trip to NYC.

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