My Story

After finishing high school, I had ambitions to become a doctor but after many attempts, I did not get into medical school and decided to study  Mathematical Finance instead. The difficulty and specialty of my degree did not guarantee me an easy and linear career path. The journey has been a steep learning curve with many valuable lessons.

I decided to exit the corporate sector when my first child was born. It was during this period that I developed a passion for travel and photography. I used the next 10 years as an opportunity to explore my entrepreneurial interests and travel. 

All of this halted when the pandemic hit. I sought out this undistracted time to read books and learn about productivity, purpose, and living a meaningful life. It was then that I realized that my intentions of being a doctor were in pursuit of a purposeful life. 

When life began to resume, the job market had shifted and the opportunity for remote work led me to pursue a full-time position as a financial writer. The transition to a full-time remote working job after an 11 year absence presented a few challenges, to say the least, but I learned that if I could spend 10 hours a day working on someone else’s dream, then I can surely spend time working on my dream.

My dream is to inspire people through my stories. 

On my blog, I share lessons and insights during my journey as a graduate, entrepreneur, and traveler and my purpose is to inspire people to live simply but exquisitely.