My Story

After high school, my dream of becoming a doctor hit a roadblock when medical school seemed just out of reach. But instead of dwelling on the closed doors, I pivoted towards a different path—Mathematical Finance. Little did I know, this decision would launch me into a rollercoaster of challenges and surprises.

Fast forward to the arrival of my first child, I found myself at a crossroads. Exiting the corporate world, I stumbled upon a newfound love for travel and photography. For the next decade, I traded boardrooms for backpacks, diving headfirst into entrepreneurial ventures while exploring the far corners of the globe.

But then, the pandemic brought everything to a screeching halt. Amidst the chaos, I seized the opportunity for introspection, diving into books on productivity and purpose. It was a revelation—I realized my lifelong quest for medicine was rooted in a deeper desire for a purposeful life.

And thus, my journey took a new turn. Fuelled by the fire to inspire, I embarked on a mission to share my experiences, lessons, and insights through my blog. From graduate to entrepreneur to globe-trotter, my purpose is simple yet profound: to encourage others to live life with intention and richness, one exquisite moment at a time.